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New Year, New Opportunities

We hope you had a great summer and are excited for a new school year!

A flyer with a welcome message from the principal of Shallowater High School.

Welcome to Shallowater High School! SHS is a place where tradition, culture, and competitive spirits thrive. We take great pride in educating our students both in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities. We provide a safe place for all students, an environment where every student has the opportunity to connect, and an array of academic courses for them to excel in. We set high expectations for our students and give them the tools to reach those expectations. We value hard work and discipline as part of their journey to better equip them for college, the workforce, and/or the armed forces. Shallowater High School is a great place where both students and faculty are loved. Go Mustangs and Go Fillies!

--Candace Wilkins